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Globo Magazine, 1994

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Hip and Traditional: The Artist James Hoyle of Hanapepe worships van Gogh.
In Hanapepe we visited the artist James Hoyle. An almost irresistible urge took a hold of me when I saw his large colourful Landscapes, the neo-impressionist style reminded me not only a little bit of van Gogh.

But my cliché – imagination of an earlier artist from Tennessee, bearded, with sloppy hat and paint-covered clothing appeared like a person out of a Hollywood Drama. His wife Margie and Spaniel in her arms contributed a great deal to the effect of a scene from a film which they were the actors.

James’ passion for the great Master (van Gogh) is for real. He told us about his visit to France and how he painted the landscapes that he knew from van Gogh. How he did not consciously seek this experience, and how exciting it was to him. It must be the island that makes him so sensitive to experiences with landscapes.

Carolyne, who I met in a Café in Hanalei talked about a similar experience. “When Kauai calls, there is no return – the energy, the magic, it is more powerful than any lover can ever be.”

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