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Capturing the Colors of Kauai

“Endless Vacation,” Sept/Oct. 2003, p. 55

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With his "Evening Bougainvillea Hillside" as a backdrop, impressionist James Hoyle paints a Kauai landscape in his Koloa gallery.
The colors of Kauai come alive in the work of painter James Hoyle, whose Koloa gallery bursts with impressionistic hues of the island’s lush flora. The first to open a single-artist gallery on the island (in 1979), Hoyle is still its preeminent painter. His work inevitably evokes comparisons to Van Gogh, Pissarro, and Monet for its swirling colors and highly textured quality but ultimately remains distictly Hoyle’s own.

A work such as Koloa Gold Tree Moon, with its sense of motion and short strokes of gold and red, evokes the island’s colorful vegetation. Even the sky in which the eponymous orb sits is made of dynamic dashes of lavender, yellow, and azure. The Koloa Sugar Mill sits behind yellow fields and lively indigo and scarlet trees. While in Hanapepe Bridge and River, the span crosses the stream that contains more colors than imaginable.

Not surprisingly for a Kauai artist, color rules: “Of course you have to have design, good drawing,” says Hoyle, “and, of course, you have to have emotion. But the colors are part of the emotion.”

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