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Niihau Sunset (The Forbidden Island)

Size: 38" x 31"
  Edition of 40 with
10 artist proofs

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About This Giclee  
Inspiration: James enjoyed a private outing to the island of Niihau over 15 years ago. He first captured this magnificent setting in 1981 from the roadside of Kekaha Beach.

The Ironwood Trees and Bougainvillea were all washed away with Hurricane Ewa of ’82.

Here, he’s painted from memory. Experience this visual awe of the luminous sunset over Niihau.
James’ uniqueness and talent is his ability to capture compelling scenes with vibrant colors and with the broken touch of his signature style.

This painting is an exciting expression of delicate and intricate brushwork with such a sensitive choice of hues. James exclaims the most dramatic sunsets on the island are on the Westside of Kauai.
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