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Evening Bougainvillea Hillside

Oil on Deluxe Linen

Size: 90" x 72"

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About This Painting  
Bougainvillea is a tribute to the love of the Japanese color, design and space found in the many woodblock prints collected by Gauguin, Van Gogh and Monet.

The tree featured in this work can be seen from the window in Hoyle’s studio in Kauai, where bougainvillea cover the earth and grow wild on the hillside.
The tree itself further evokes images of Japan and Japanese art by emulating the ancient art of bonsai.

Hoyle’s intention, however, is to create a sense of bonsai “in reverse” by portraying a tree which is so large and imposing. In this way the image sums up the interrelationship between Japanese art and the impressionists.
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